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Our Story
Who are we?

We are former Burundian Refugees whom few have managed to integrate and become American citizens. We are those sons and daughters whose parents have been massacred in the first African genocide in Burundi whose story has never been told. We are those sons and daughters who were born refugees and grew up in war zone and never get a chance for education. Our goal is to build our self-reliance and strengthen our capacity in Dallas Fort Worth and become contributing members of society while enduring our bitter history.

Our Story

Why Support Our Cause?

1. Refugees are amazing people who learn to survive in precarious situations. Sometimes their stories are untold because their oppressor has destroyed their self-esteem through deprivation of education and incapacitating them mentally. These people who live with us, their families, and their children deserve the best start in life. They dream to be self-reliant, strive for education, contribute to society, and become civically engaged in this beautiful home that has welcomed them. Dallas Burundian Community is passionate about making that possible.

2. When Somali refugees began moving into Lewiston, Maine in 2001, few welcomed them – but a decade later, the town’s revitalization is now pegged to their presence. The once-bustling mill town had decayed from its heights, with some calling the center of town a “combat zone.” But an increasing immigrant presence and accompanying commerce has resulted in higher per capita income, less crime, and, in 2004, Lewiston was named one of the best places to do business in America by Inc. Magazine.

3. Study shows that by increase the opportunities for civic participation by refugees and immigrants by:

  • Recognizing and addressing the potential barriers for members of immigrant communities, such as limited language proficiency.

  • Highlighting churches, community groups, and schools as effective sites for refugees and immigrant integration regardless of citizenship status. These institutions often center on local civic participation and should be equipped to encourage refugees and immigrant civic engagement.

Dallas Burundian Community’s mission is to bridge that language barrier and improve civic participation through the creation of a home learning center for English as a Second Language, Citizenship Class, Interpretation, and Translation of city and state health information that are crucial to the residents.

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