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About us

Dallas Burundian Community- DABUCO is a nonprofit charitable organization recognized by the IRS as a registered 501(c) (3) organization. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to empowering the disadvantaged by providing resources through education, transportation, and language interpretation at schools, hospitals, and local human service.

Dallas Burundian Community is a Dallas community-based organization comprised of most former Burundian refugees who have found sanctuary in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area.

In 2007, DFW metropolitan became the haven for the first Burundian refugees. The majority of them have been refugees for over 35 years and others since birth. Have not had time to settle, think about their future because their lives have been living on a day-to-day survival mood in refugee camps.

Some of them have not had time to tell their story and heal their wounds. When they arrived in Dallas Fort Worth, they have enjoyed the safety and peace they have missed for more than four decades. However, despite safety and peace, they expressed to be grateful for, they continue to struggle for integration due to illiteracy, the English language barrier, and the post-war traumatic memories which still hunt some of them to this day. Their desire is to improve their self-reliance, mental and physical health living and to eradicate illiteracy which are major prevalent issues in Dallas Burundian Community.

None choose to be a refugee; you find yourself forced to flee. And it is worse than that when you learn that you were born a refugee. You look around yourself you have no future, no education, no mental and health care for you. You cannot recognize the different types of music genres such as rock, jazz, hip hop, R&B but you can only recognize the different types of gunshot sounds and match them with the exact type of gun. That is the life of a refugee child.

Research has shown that the environment in which a child grows up can have a long-term impact on the victim. The consequences of the long-term effects cannot easily be resolved right away by the simple changes in the environment. Thus, our organization is here to change lives and build a long-term positive outcome. Hi, There

Tackling Poverty

Education Support

Supporting schooling Burundian refugees to adjust to the new education system, by providing tutoring services in their native language while they are trying to learn English

Acting as integration bridge

Acting as integration bridge for Burundian refugees and immigrants in Dallas

Socio-Cultural Challenges

Identifying the socio-cultural challenges for Burundians and Burundi-Americans in Dallas.

Acting as integration bridge

Acting as integration bridge for Burundian refugees and immigrants in Dallas

Translations and Interpretation

Providing translations and interpretation services for Burundian refugees and immigrants to have access to basic services.

Health Education

Promote health education through living lifestyle change

Cultural Skills and Talents

Promote the cultural skills and talents

Socio-Economic Status

Encourage teamwork to improve socio-economic status among Burundians in Dallas

Social Connection

Encouraging and maintaining the cooperation of our community with other local communities.

Community Development

Participating and supporting measures to improve community development, health, and socioeconomic status.

Mutual Aid

Mutual aid during social the time of loss and in time of social events such as marriage and birthday of a new child in community,


Mobilize sponsors to support health and education projects initiated by our community.


Where the money goes

We believe in transparency with our donors. We ensure that the donations are spent on specific programs wisely followed by outcome evaluation. 

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