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Our Cause – Our Mission

Building a community is not one man's job, but everyone's commitment to strengthen it and make it better

Community Development

Empowering community development through different approaches: needs-based, problem-solving, inclusion, participatory, asset-based, welfare, and rights-based approach to ensure economic mobility and well-improved health, with no one being left behind.

Tackling Community Poverty

To assist in job search, training resources, and integrating into the complex economic system, provide strategic mentorship to achieve upward mobility, financial literacy, and generational wealth.

Youth Education

Provide educational support and resources to youth, ensure performance, financial support, tutoring in a wide range of studies, and mentorship to lay grounds for educational success.

Mental Health and Well being

Provide mental health resources, Promote mental health awareness, and Connect with Mental Health Professionals to ensure mental health doesn’t create a burden on anyone’s potential. 

Socio-Cultural Challenges and integration bridge

To identify the sociocultural challenges and break the burden for a well-connected society. 

Transportation and Language Translation and interpretation

Community residents including elderlies who face English language burdens and lack of access to transportation and the aftermath of such there-after are provided these services to have access to their basic needs.

Access to Health Education

To Promote health education and lifestyle change to improve health qualities

Women and Girls

To better strengthen the community it’s important to support and give voice and opportunities to women and girls. Encouraging women and girls to display and practice their talent produces immeasurable contributions. The Dallas Burundian Community recognizes the importance of getting women and girls involved and also fully supports them in their endeavors and well-being.